Systole Universal REmote

Thanks to the SURe protocol, Systole Universal REmote can edit settings for all your Systole devices, and also add in a few minutes a menu to your Arduino projects or Midi devices. The SURE app generates on-the-fly a graphical interface for your menu, and manages Serial-to-Midi and osc conversion, and this menu stays accessible via any terminal application and devices for extended compatibility.

... not yet ...

SURemote Web

The same, but different.
Access to your Bidule and SURe devices settings in Chrome or any WebMidi capable browser.

... not yet ...

Quick Midi Connect

Command line utility that send all the Midi input activity of the computer into one output port, one virtual output port, and a Jack MIDI port if Jack is running. Automatic refresh for a real plug'n play. Done for stage performance and with few ressources machines in mind, to build killer synthesizer from good old laptops.

only Linux & Mac OS

... not yet ...



open source
& custom devices
by matthieu metzger